Kashmir Foundation of America’s program focus is to help organize community to empower local decision making. Specifically through modern education address illiteracy, reduce unemployment through microfinance and vocational training, and address basic health and welfare needs in underserved areas in Kashmir.

KFA plans to establish Neighborhood Learning Centers (Talim-Markaz) to serve as a multiple purpose community space, for organizing community coalitions for local economic and community development projects. Talim-Markaz will provide after school learning and extracurricular activities for students. Talim-Markaz will organize activities for developing self help and empowerment development programs.

Specific activities would include:
1. Organize community infrastructure programs: such as clean drinking water supply, basic sanitation, soil conservation and tree planting and other needed infrastructure programs.
2. Talim-Markaz will serve as the contact point for the community to establish working relationships with local government and non-government agencies. This project is in pre-development stage. Kashmir Foundation of America is inviting participants from individuals and organizations.

Long Term Impact:

KFA’s mission is to give a helping hand to the people of Kashmir to build their lives and communities, based on the cherish motive of democracy, equal opportunity and rule of law. Education combats backwardness and ignorance. Education is forever, a gift that will give hope and bring prosperity and sense of belonging. Programs for developing spirit of enterprise and coalition building at the grass roots will assure stability in this very volatile region of the world and provide advancement of rule of law and democratic decision making for community development.