After School Program

The After School Program is to demonstrate how to improve schooling at government run schools. The program mentors children after school and helps build positive relationships between the parents and school staff.

The fractured education system at government schools is a problem of broken relationships between the teacher, parent and student. We learned this first from a Kashmiri school teacher and subsequently got corroboration by many others. The schooling of a child, the teacher said, is a relationship like that of an equal angle triangle. Like in the triangle, at one corner is the teacher, at another corner is the parent and the child is at the third corner. To educate a child, like the angles in a triangle, all three- teacher, parent and student – must be connected and in harmony. At the government schools in Kashmir they are not and that is the crux of the problem.

After-School-Program2To help improve public education, KashmirFOA’s experimental program facilitates cooperation between parents, students and teachers.

Specifically KashmirFOA provides:
1. Resources to mentor students after school. This includes one to one help with homework, computer assisted coaching and workshops in character building and citizenship skills.
2. Encourage parents to engage in their children’s education.
3. Fosters positive relationships with school teachers to help deliver quality education.